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Welcome to the web-site of architectural and engineering office SENYKA s.r.o.

Our company offers to you quality complex architectural and project-design services.

We design all the objects of the architecture and civil engineering:

- family houses
- residential houses
- administrative, commerce and other buildings of the public and business equipment
- industrial, logistic and other objects of the technical character
- interiors
- landscape plans and planning studies.

We design the documentation in all the stages:

- architectural studies
- documentation for the land permit
- documentation for the building permit
- documentation for the realisation.

We provide also complex additional services:

- construction supervision
- engineering
- consulting.

We design the buildings, that in complex way fit the requirements for the good building work. We try for the modern architecture, which is suitable to its environment. We aim for the buildings, which are comfortable, economic, energetically efficient and constructionally faultless designed according to the actual trends. In the common dialogue with the client, we search the optimal solution for his requirements, to fill his ideas of the future object and the good cooperation with the architect.